Das südliche Bundesland Kärnten offeriert ein ausgezeichnetes Wirtschaftsumfeld und einen tollen Standort, unter anderem angrenzend zu Italien und Slowenien.

Carinthia's economy

is characterised by a mixed structure where its metropolitan areas greatly dominate. Particular areas of focus include the electrical industry, with leading companies in the electronics and software sector, and the chemical industry. Its traditionally strong construction industry, which employs a third of secondary sector workers, and innovative technology and products for environmental technology and the wood industry are further cornerstones of Carinthia's economy. Its highly developed tourism industry is characterised by a large number of innovative networks for creating places and events worth visiting and for marketing.

Carinthia's export economy is an up-and-coming sector. In Carinthia, for every ten euros earned, six come from exports. As 1500 Carinthian businesses regularly export their goods and a further 1000 companies profit indirectly from exports as suppliers, the export economy became an area of focus over the course of the financial crisis with a push for export to the amount of EUR 550,000 in 2009 to 2011.

Particularly of note were Carinthia's exports to China in 2009. Despite the financial crisis, its exports to this country almost doubled to EUR 112 million. Russia and the Czech Republic are two new countries to join Carinthia's list of its top ten export countries. Thirty percent of the exported goods are machines, electrotechnical equipment, mechanical devices and wood and wood products.

Source:, Department of the Carinthian State Government