Good business location: Located in the South East of the country, the federal state of Burgenland also shares borders with Hungary, Slovenia and the Slovak Repulic.

Burgenland is an economic area at the heart of Europe

That is experiencing dynamic growth. A healthy economy is the basis for the quality of life of this region's population. Only healthy businesses can ensure long-term jobs, a high standard of environmental protection and a comprehensive, fair social system. In additional to leading companies, small and medium-sized businesses are the main contributors to Burgenland's economic health.

Thanks to its economic and political stability, excellent education system, favourable environment for entrepreneurs and its location at the heart of Europe, Burgenland is indeed an attractive economic region. As a direct neighbour to three EU member states, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia, it provides new perspectives and makes transregional partnerships and collaborations possible in its role as a bridge between East and West.

Technology centres are a visible sign of innovation and economic impetus for a region. As centres of excellence with the most modern equipment, they link business, research and learning, and add to a location's appeal. Burgenland has a total of six technology centres – Neusiedl am See, Eisenstadt, Neutal, Pinkafeld, Güssing and Jennersdorf – which provide the companies based there with a total of approximately 55,000 m2 of rented space featuring an ideal infrastructure and countless collaborative opportunities under appealing conditions.

Source: www.burgenland.at, Department of the Burgenland State Government