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Austrian companies offer a wide array of modern agricultural techniques and engineering, applying High-Tech methods and IT. Top export products: Seed drills, harvesting machines, fertilising gear, wood engineering and weather stations.

An export share of over 20 percent catapults the Austrian machinery and metal goods industry to the top in the export business. The increasing exports to Eastern Europe, Asia, and overseas are the proof for the dynamic development towards new markets.

The sector´s reputation abroad is remarkably positive. Austria is renowned for its product diversity, innovativeness, know-how, and research, which is reflected in the impressive export ratio of 69.7 percent.

Business in Austria

The Austrian paper and pulp production stands out due to a great value creation, highest environmental standards, and the use of renewable resources. This industry has doubled over the past ten years.

Austria`s economic fields are widely diverse. Despite the country's small size, business is booming. The sectors of agriculture and tourism highlight Austria's natural beauty. Also, the infrastructure is excellent.

The security sector is highly acclaimed for its advanced and technical-innovative expertise, the outstanding willingness to innovate, research and development, as well as the performance of the latter in this sector.

Industries in Austria

This industry includes the recycling sector, the aluminum industry, boxes, etc. Environmentally friendly glass bottles with deposits and wrappings made from organic materials are popular. In 2010, the export quota accounted for a remarkable 69.2 percent.

Austria's engagement for the protection of agriculture, forestry, environment, and water delivered a unique reputation wordlwide. The country boasts a biological diversity and beauty of landscape thanks to these efforts.

The Austrian traffic, transportation and logistics sectors is booming. Companies in the segments of aerial passenger lines, elevator, and rail vehicle engineering are worldwide highly acknowledged in many areas.


New infrastructure technologies developed in Austria and the exporting of expertise make Austria a highly competitive partner for foreign firms. Owing to the “New Austrian Tunneling Method” (NATM), Austria took position in domestic and foreign markets.

The variety of the usage of metal is reflected in the products offered by the domestic metals sector. From casting and rolled products made of steel or aluminum to metal constructions, tools, and rails through to sheet for the automotive industry.