Synthetic Materials

The Austrian synthetics industry is known for its competitiveness and reliability, as well as high quality of the products. Around two thirds of plastics manufactured in Austria are exported.

Once used as substitute for ivory, it has nowadays become impossible to imagine our world without goods made of plastics. The fields of application and use of plastics are very diverse spanning from household goods like the toothpaste tube over the use in the building and automotive sector through to medical products. Plastic is a material that holds an incredibly high potential for the future. With their scientific experience and quality products in the manufacturing and processing of plastics, Austria makes a considerable contribution to the great success of this material!

The first Austrian companies dealing with the processing of plastics have already been founded in the early years of the 19th century. Today the Austrian plastics industry counts around 530 companies that employ more than 25,000 people. Dominated by small and medium-sized businesses the sector recorded profits amounting to EUR 6.7 billion in the fields of manufacturing and processing. Hence, the plastic manufacturing contributes approx. 5 percent to the entire industrial production.

Besides plastic raw products, the spectrum of manufactured and processed goods also includes auxiliary supplies (like color pastes or filling material). The plastics manufacturing alone generates a profit of approx. EUR 2.4 billion, of which around EUR 1.6 billion account for the export. All in all, the sector posts annual revenues amounting to EUR 2.6 billion with the export of plastic goods, which corresponds to a foreign trade ratio of approx.33 percent. Upper Austria and Lower Austria represent the hubs of the plastics industry. Summed up the team generates the lion´s share of the Austrian production value and holds the position as major employer with more than 50 percent of the people employed in the sector. (Figures: Statistik Austria; FCIO; Eurostat 2011).

Exportable products and high competitiveness

The economic crisis has had a particularly damaging effect on the global plastics industry. However, the view on the figures of the economic situation in the Austrian sector allows for growing optimism. The economic climate in the plastics sector has reached a healthy level, which goes for both the industry-related plastics sector and trade companies operating within the sector. Price indicators have been showing a significant increase in the demand for quite some time now.

When it comes to the world market the Austrian plastics industry scores especially with high competitiveness and reliability. A substantial strength of the location Austria comes with the traditionally high quality of the products. Ever since, the Austrian plastics industry has been export-oriented. Around two thirds of the plastic goods manufactured in Austria are exported. The position of the largest foreign trade partner is held by Germany, followed by Switzerland, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic. However, not only EU countries appreciate the high quality of Austrian plastic goods: North, Middle, and South America as well as the Asian regions show increasing demand for quality made in Austria.

Plastics made in Austria is definitely a guarantee for highest international standard in terms of quality – apart from that, national and international co-operations enable the Austrian plastics manufactures to draw on vast scientific experience and innovative production processes. The traditional brand “Austria” is also highly regarded by the global plastics market!

Editorial department: Mag. Sandra Hollersbacher