Printing and Office Supplies

The Austrian printing industry is renowned for its technical innovation and quality. When it comes to the price level, Austria thus drives a more upscale pricing policy.

Good sentiment among printing and manufacturers of office supplies

The industrial segments are print shops using digital-, large format-, offset-, and laser printing technologies, textile and screen printing plants, litho printing, sheet- and roll offset printing, online printing, internet printing, desktop publishing, manufacturers of printing press machines and equipment (inks, toners, cartridges, pre-press printing processes, printer refill stations), copy services (copy shops, print centers), publishing houses, newspaper-, poster- and magazine printing, book printing and book binderies, plotter manufacturers and service providers, paper printing and processing, repro works, signpost-, photo-, media-, banner-, embroidery-, graphic-, plastic-, and foil printing, car stickers, vehicle livery and foliation, outdoor advertising and banners, newspaper publishing companies and print shops, print productions and management, art print, government printing offices, printing plate cleaners, printing plate chemistry, printing varnishes, chemicals for printing inks, printing adhesives and adhesive bindings, and many more.

Besides soft and hardware products, the office supplies include: Manufacturers of office supplies, stationery and general stores, office furniture manufacturers, office and property equipment, office designers, office equipment manufacturers, office equipment rental, office services and rental, office management and systems, copy shops, copy printer rental, stationery manufacturers, presentation technology, projector manufacturers and rental, flip chart-, screen-, and audio technology, video conference systems, office furniture manufacturers, office administration and data storage systems, computer and IT industry, data protection and security software, internet, telephony and mobile communication, printing technology, scanning technology, DP-programs and equipment, software programming, wholesalers of office supplies (Libro, Pagro-Discount) and many more.

Printing industry and manufacturers of office supplies are positive

The outlook of the printing industry is positive. In 2010 a total of 13,124 employees achieved total sales of EUR 2,484 million in the printing industry (Statistik Austria). In 2010 the Austrian import of office and DP machines amounted to EUR 2,417 million. The share was at 2.1 percent. In 2010 there were registered 585 job hiring companies with 10,516 employees (cf. HVSV).

In 2010, the paper, cardboard, and general goods manufacturing employed 16,588 people and could post total sales of EUR 5,940 million. The sales quantity amounted to EUR 3.54 billion in 2010. The sector for the manufacturing of data processing devices employed 18,892 people in 2010. The turnover generated in the manufacturing of furniture and other equipment (office furniture) amounted to EUR 6,039 million (cf. HVSV/Statistik Austria). The governmental expenditure in the field of education made up a share of 10.9 percent in 2010. The beneficiaries were the printing industry and office supplies manufacturers (cf. Statistik Austria).

Export trade posts good figures 

In 2010 the foreign trade generated revenues of EUR 895 million with the manufacturing of printing material. .The export quota was at 36 percent in 2010. The Austrian export of office and DP machines amounted to EUR 1,033 million in 2010 and experienced a growth of EUR 60 million compared with the previous year. The export share of office and DP machines from Austria accounted for 0.9 percent in 2010 (cf. Statistik Austria).

In 2010 the export sales generated in the manufacturing of paper, cardboard, and general goods amounted to EUR 4,108 million corresponding to an export ratio of 69.2 percent. The export of furniture and other equipment (office furniture) generated foreign sales of EUR 2,521 million. The export ratio in the furniture segment was at 30.7 percent and at 48.5 percent in the segment other equipment (office furniture) (Statistik Austria). Representing the Austrian hub of export, industry, and technology, Upper Austria turns out to be the export winner (cf. WIFO 2010).

Sales increase thanks to the quality label “eco-label“ 

Many print shops engage in the protection of the environment and process print orders in accordance with the guidelines of the certified Austrian eco-label. The label stands for eco-friendly quality and is often used as sales argument. Print shops that have been awarded the eco-label certificate profit from an increasing order volume (cf.

Downward trend due to Social Media

As a result of the growing popularity of Social Media, online newspapers, e-books, book on demand providers, audio books and digital publishing houses, media will be spread by other means in the future. Not only will this change in the literary consumption chain leave the printing industry struggling but also will it have a negative impact on the consumption behavior with respect to the reading in print (cf. Die Presse,

Reputation abroad

The Austrian printing industry is renowned for its technical innovation and high competence in the foreign market. When it comes to the price level, Austria resides rather in the high pricing policy. Foreign print shops are considered problematic, since domestic companies use to place order with them at dumping prices.

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Editorial department: Mag. Markus Pellischek-Wilsdorf