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Eight of the world's ten largest mobile phone manufacturers use components from Austrian companies. Also, the world's leading producer of mini speakers for mobile phones is located in Austria.

In the recent decade, no other term has caused such a stir in the everyday life of the people and the economic discourse as is the case with the globalization. This trend comes along with information and communication technologies, which have influence on virtually all areas of the personal and economic life. The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) is deemed as the driving force of our information society. The domestic information and communication companies benefit from the innovative momentum of the worldwide booming sector and vaults Austria to the prime location for ICT!

The information and communication technologies industry is THE growth sector and owing to the favorable geographic location, Austria is right on its way to become the European ICT-hub. It´s not only for the outstanding employment figures and value creation making the ICT sector rank among the largest economic sectors of the country. According to VOESI (Association of Austrian Software Industry), the software sector alone, accounts for 25 percent of the economic growth and for up to 40 percent of the GDP´s productivity increase.

The annual turnover of the VOESI members accounts to more than EUR 3 billion and hence makes up a considerable proportion of the domestic economy. Austria´s software companies not only operated in Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe, customers all over the world are interested in the IT solutions made in the Alpine Republic. The segment information and communication technologies forms one sector of the electrical and electronics industry – Austria´s ICT companies create products, components, and services amounted to a value of nearly EUR 20 billion; needless to say, that they have great influence on numerous other sectors and hence, achieve many positive effects in the national economy. Viewed from a macroeconomic perspective, a production value of EUR 33.7 billion and a net product of more than EUR 16 billion depend in direct or indirect form, or induced from Austria´s company in the ICT sector. (Figures: FEEI; IWI, Statistik Austria).

Bits & Bytes: Exportable solutions 

The IT Industry Competitivness Index, conducted a global comparison of international data, amongst others those of the OECD, IMF, and the EU, in which the small country made it among the top 20, leaving countries like South-Korea or Hong Kong behind and shining on position 17 of the IT world ranking (BSA, Press release 09/2011). Austria´s great appeal as an IT-base is continuously increasing. The ideal economic climate, excellent IT infrastructure, a research-friendly environment and top qualified IT-professionals represent the key factors for the good reputation of the domestic ICT industry.

Especially in the areas of E-health and E-government, Austria takes the role as a pioneer and is already considered as one of the international experts in this domain. From the energy sector to the field of transport throught to the security sector and aerospace industry, IC technologies take a significant role. ICT components can be found everywhere – from the car to the washing machine. An additional strength of the domestic companies is reflected in the revolutionizing of the industrial manufacturing. Owing to their impressive strengths the Austrian research in this domain ranks among the European elite and boasts an extensive network spanning across Europe and the rest of the world. Also in the field of telecommunications the Alpine Republic proves to be a global player. For instance, eight out of the ten largest mobile telephone manufacturers are supplied with products made in Austria (Source: BMVIT) and also the world market leader of mini-loudspeakers for mobile devices comes from Austria!

Representing one of the largest sectors of Austria, the electrical and electronic industry (EEI) exports around 70 percent of their products to approx. 150 countries worldwide. Austrian experts develop and produce according to their renowned high quality standard “Made in Austria” while their innovative strength provides the guarantee for Austria´s prosperity.

Editorial department: Mag. Sandra Hollersbacher