Consumer Goods and Lifestyle

Dominated by small and medium-sized companies, the clothing industry (incl. leather and shoes) manufactures and produces a wide array of high-quality goods for the world market. Export rates of 70 to 90 % prove the popularity of the label „Made in Austria“.

The consumer goods industry is the center of our daily lives. Ever since, the small country Austria has been renowned for both quality and its impressive ingenuity. For instance, the invention of the sewing machine and typewriter were born in this pioneering country. The buying mood is not only observed in the domestic sector but also in the international market, as is shown by the increasing demand for Austrian consumer goods and lifestyle products. Flexibility, specialization, and quality products are the main ingredients for the sustainable, global success of Austrian companies in the sector consumer goods & lifestyle.

Committed to tradition, Reliable, Proficient

The sector “Consumer goods and Lifestyle” comprises of many segments, as virtually every domestic sector is, in one way or another, involved in the any part of the extensive product range of consumer goods. From foodstuffs, drinks, and tobacco to wellness and body care, over living and electronics through to leisure time and culture – Austria´s companies stands out with reliability and proficiency in all areas! When it comes to the fields of jewelry and accessories as well as high-quality glasses, the state Tyrol deserves special mention, since companies of this segment rank among the world´s leaders!

The main segments of this sector include the textile industry (clothing, shoes, leather), the electrical and electronics industry, and the cosmetics industry. Dominated by small and medium-sized companies, the clothing industry (incl. leather and shoes) manufactures and produces a wide array of high-quality goods for the world market! Export rates varying from 70 to 90 percent in this segment are proof for the popularity of the label „Made in Austria“. The most important export destinations include Germany, France, Switzerland, and the US American market. Especially leather goods such as shoes, bags, and watch straps are in worldwide demand since such products are highly acclaimed for their superior quality (cf. Statistik Austria; Fachverband TBSL).

The electronics/consumer goods market has been a reliable guarantee for profit for years; this goes for both small electronic devices and household appliances. The high innovative strength of the manufacturers turns out to be the key for the continuous growth – hence an increase in turnover for the first half year of 2011 could be observed in almost all product groups. Apart from that, the electrical and electronics industry proves to be a significant job motor and economic pillar for the domestic industry. A foreign trade quota of nearly 70 percent in the segment of electronic household appliances and over 80 percent in the lamps and illumination sector confirm that Austria is a popular and reliable export partner (FEEI, Annual report 2010/2011; Press release 09/2011).

Also the cosmetics industry registers a sales increase of 3 percent (cf. cosmetics market 2011) compared to the previous year and turns out to be a popular partner in the areas of health, body care, and wellness.

The differentiated sales markets with their various requirements pose a constant challenge to the domestic consumer goods industry. Besides that, a share of EUR 50 billion in the European consumer goods trade attests the impressive export strength of the sector (Metro-Handelsbilanzlexikon 2010/2011). Owing to their individuality, their distinctive export competence, and highly qualified professionals in all sectors, which are oriented to consumer goods, Austrian companies gain a competitive advantage and are capable of successfully facing the constantly changing demands of the global consumer goods market.

Editorial department: Mag. Sandra Hollersbacher