Consulting and Financial services

The reputation abroad is good. This is especially true for business consulting and information technology as well as for the book and media management. Traditional expertise, innovation, adherence to schedules, and sound communication create trust.

The industrial and commercial sectors are made up of: Healthcare, consulting firms in the fields of management, tax accountancy, finances, real estate, insurance and investment, legal service, staff recruitment and staff supply, as well as DP service providers, media consulting, IT consulting, advertising agencies, advertising graphics and design, software development, web design, counselors and personal coaches, management consulting, energy and environmental advisers, fitness-, mental- and wellness coaches, medical as well as family-, social-, and life counseling, nutritional advisers and advisers for all aspects of common consumption (electronics, internet, mobile communications, motor vehicles, rent, food, energy, education, job & career) and many more.

The domain of engineering include, above all: Industrial plant manufacturing, industrialized building, mechanical engineering, automation engineering, land surveying, planning offices, design drafting offices, civil engineers, office automation, software engineering, audio engineering, web engineering, system technology, system automation, plant engineering, industrial engineering, Austria rail engineering, logistics engineering, business informatics engineering, illuminating engineering.

Austria invests in consulting and engineering

In 2010 the consulting sector and especially the financial and insurance service segment employed 117,948 people. The share of women was at 50 percent (cf. Statistik Austria). Measured against the total revenue, the investments amounted to 6.5 percent on average and 2008 in total: 11.1 percent, 2009 in total: 7.5 percent, and 2010 in total: 6.5 percent. The investments made in one-man-businesses amounted to 11.3 percent in 2010 (KMU Forschung Austria). Merely 1 percent of the total revenue was invested in the training and postgraduate training segment of consulting firms in 2010. As regards the willingness to invest in training, Styria can be found on the top position with 1.7 percent followed by the Burgenland with 1.5 percent and Lower Austria with 1 percent. Vienna comes in last and ranks below the total revenue. The highest investments are made in the training of financial service providers, management consultants, IT service providers, as well as real estate and asset trustees. In a satisfaction survey conducted among consultants, the business situation in the first half year of 2011 was assessed as being “very good” by 17 percent, “good” by 34 percent, “satisfying” by 32 percent, and as “non-satisfying” by the remaining consultants. Upper Austria, Salzburg, and Tyrol show the highest level of satisfaction with respect to the business situation (cf. KMU Forschung Austria, online).

Satisfying export quota

Most notably are the one-man-enterprises: In this segment, the exports accounted for 10 percent of their total revenue. The highest export rates are shown in the segments business consulting and information technology (19.4 percent), book and media management (17.6 percent) and insurance advisory services (1 percent) (cf. KMU Forschung Austria, online).


One-man-enterprises benefit from an upswing in the first half year of 2011: The sales increase by 6.2 percent, while SMEs experience a growth in sales amounting to 4.7 percent. Financial service providers turn out to be particularly positive as they expect a sales increase of +6.9 percent (cf. KMU Forschung Austria, online).

Reputation abroad 

The Austrian reputation abroad is good. This goes especially for the business consulting resp. information technology as well as for the book and media management. Traditional expertise, innovation, adherence to schedules, and sound communication form the good reputation (cf. KMU Forschung Austria, online).

Editorial department: Mag. Markus Pellischek-Wilsdorf