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The Fabasoft Group
Fabasoft is a leading European manufacturer of software for the consistent and efficient management of electronic documents and business records. These standard products encompass Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Search and Information Access as well as Information Governance, Service Level Management, Compliance and auditproof archiving.

Fabasoft has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as sales and project partnerships in these and several other countries.

Electronic document management with Fabasoft eGov-Suite
With Fabasoft eGov-Suite, the company provides a tried and tested standard product solution for electronic records and process management in public administration. The services range from document management, collaboration, electronic business processes, records management, to online services and archiving. Particular emphasis is placed on user cases with mobile devices, enabling faster and more efficient administrative processes. The high scalability facilitates fast and efficient implementation of both small and large installations. More than 20 years of experience in eGov solutions makes the Fabasoft eGov-Suite one of the leading products in German-speaking countries.

Public administration, particularly in Austria, relies on the benefits of Fabasoft eGov-Suite. The project "ELAK im Bund" is regarded as a European showcase project for the implementation of eGov strategies and is used by all Austrian ministries. The Austrian federal ministries have been creating, administering and editing their business records fully electronically since 2004. The basis for "ELAK im Bund" is Fabasoft eGov-Suite, which in this way renders a significant contribution to the success of the Austrian eGovernment strategy.

The Fabasoft eGov-Suite is also the standard product of the Swiss federal administration and used both at the federal and cantonal level. In Germany, numerous authorities, such as ministries, higher federal authorities, regional authorities and larger cities also use Fabasoft eGov-Suite.

Fabasoft eGov-Suite is a web browser based product, and can therefore be accessed via the Internet from outside the office. This facilitates the use the Fabasoft eGov-Suite on modern mobile devices, such as the iPad, in a flexible way, regardless of location and time.