Vienna is Austria's economic focal point. Still, this famous and charming city also constitutes Austria's smallest province.

Vienna is the economic engine of Austria

In economic terms, Vienna has constantly been one of the most prosperous cities in Europe and one of the five most wealthy regions throughout recent years. Vienna ranks fourth in gross regional product per capita EU-wide, behind London, Luxembourg and Brussels. It shares this top spot with Paris and Stockholm. In Austria alone, Vienna ranks first amongst all nine federal states when it comes to income and labour force participation rate, and ranks second in purchasing power. There are approximately 450,000 companies in Austria. More than 103,000, or about a quarter, of these are based in Vienna.

Vienna also provides a quarter of all jobs in Austria. One in two foreign companies in Austria have a branch in Vienna. For this reason, Vienna has also established itself as a strong partner for international cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Vienna's share of the gross value added in Austria was 26.7 % in 2006 (private services: 32.6 %). Service and structure statistics provide information about places of employment and workers in 2007.

In 2006, 72 % of Vienna's exports went to member states of the European Union (imports to Vienna: 59 %). Of the total 139,826 commerce employees, 63,648 worked in retail in 2007.

Source:, Office of Statistics and Analysis (Municipal Department 5)