Austria's Westernmost federal state is considered independent and hardworking. Relations to the neighbouring countries around Lake Constance are excellent: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany.

The textile industry was the leading industry in Vorarlberg

Until the 1970s. At that time, 70 % of the total added value was earned through textiles and clothing. The region underwent significant structural change under the influence of a massive wave of globalisation. Today the textile industry accounts for just 8 % of the total value added, but Vorarlberg is still the fourth largest region for needlework in the world. A large number of companies rely on the years of experience and competence found in Vorarlberg for the manufacture of their high-tech textiles and clothing.

Today, Vorarlberg is characterised by a modern and multifaceted industrial structure with a wide range of industries and technology. Specialist industries such as the metalworking/electrical sectors, mechanical engineering and steel construction, food industry, and the chemical, plastics, packaging and woodworking sectors dominate in this federal state. Rapid growth in the information and IT sectors as well as in environmental and energy technology is expected.

Source: www.vorarlberg.gv.at, Department of the Vorarlberg State Government