Salzburg is the name of both the federal state and its capital city. Not only its musical history, but also its qualities as a business location has made Salzburg famous beyond Austria.

Salzburg's economy

has been number one in Austria for many years. It continues to be one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. According to current Europe-wide rankings, Salzburg is one of the best investment locations. The economy's above-average performance can be seen in data on Salzburg's economic and social structure. Its regional GDP increased by an average of 3.5 % between 1995 and 2002, in comparison with the total Austrian GDP which increased by 3.3 %.

The high location quality of Salzburg has been confirmed many times by international institutions establishing global location rankings. Important factors for these rankings include Salzburg's excellent quality of life, favourable geographic location, well developed transregional transportation options, efficient rail network and its airport, which is second in Austria only to Vienna International Airport, as well as its modern telecommunications infrastructure.

Another factor is Salzburg's attractive economic structure, supported by innovative, future-oriented companies and highly qualified, committed employees. The favourable geographic location and unmistakable advantages of Salzburg have not only made it an important trade platform in Austria, Salzburg is also one of the most important places in Austria for banks, insurance companies, capital and financial services and other economic services.

Source:, Federal State of Salzburg