Transportation and Logistics

The Austrian traffic, transportation and logistics sectors is booming. Companies in the segments of aerial passenger lines, elevator, and rail vehicle engineering are worldwide highly acknowledged in many areas.

Productivity, growth, and employment! The close link between economic growth and logistics can´t be denied – in fact, the transport and logistics sector plays an important role in the overall economic structure.

Advanced by institutions such as the EU or the WTO (World Trade Organisation) the Austrian economy can benefit from the creation of new and larger economic areas, which, in turn, leads to the globalization in the distribution of goods enabled by international, cross-border logistics systems. There´s definitely no need for the, in terms of size, small country Austria to hide from the competition in the global transport market. Thanks to long-standing experience and a high customer focus, as well as groundbreaking technology standards and efficient innovations, Austrian transport providers and companies in the field of transport and logistics technology prove that they can successfully deal with the daily challenges posed by the globalized transport and logistics market.

The Austrian traffic-, transport-, and logistics sector is experiencing a boom. This is also confirmed by recent figures on the trends in the Austrian transport sector (Statistik Austria). The transport sector in Austria includes the overland tranpsort (railway, autobus and commuter trains), cab companies, goods transport by road and ship, as well as the air traffic and service providers in the field of traffic assistance and other transport related activities (freight, warehousing, haulage, mail and messenger services).

The economic structure of the transport sector shows a considerable decline in the unemployment rate; in 2010 there were approx. 212.000 people employed with about 13.800 companies. In the state ranking, upper Austria, Lower Austria, and Styria come out as leaders with respect to the number of established companies. When it comes to the number of companies per 1,000 inhabitants, the top position is taken by the state Salzburg. Another noteworthy trend can be observed in the overall revenues in the transport sector. In 1995 the quantity of goods tranported amounted to 317 million tons in contrast to 2010, where the quantity was at a whopping 450 million tons, which indicates an increase by 42 percent over the last 15 years!

Global competence and high-quality products

Austria´s transport and logistics companies, especially the manufacturers of transport means, have ever since been known as export-oriented. Companies in the segments of aerial passenger lines-, elevator-, and rail vehicle engineering are worldwide highly acknowledged in many areas. Impressive export success in the field of aerial passenger lines is achieved particularly by the small state Vorarlberg. The certified international success of Austrian freight and haulage companies is not only attributable to Austria´s ideal connection to the international transport infrastructure – significant key factors of their success are also reflected in customer focus, efficient measures, and a co-operative, area-wide establishment structure. An upward trend of Austrian exports is clearly indicated by the export figures for East Europe. Thanks to this massive growth, the region makes it to the second position in the ranking of the most important foreign trade partners in the transport sector. The top position is traditionally taken by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Austria is a classic example in the context of logistics and solutions for sustainable economic growth. Expansion plans of domestic companies and the already existing connection to a capable, international transport infrastructure – which constitutes the basis for export orientation – enable the country to look forward to a bright future. The Austrian transport-, logistics-, and traffic industry will keep on mobilizing the economy.

Editorial department: Mag. Sandra Hollersbacher