Agricultural & Forest engineering

Austrian companies offer a wide array of modern agricultural techniques and engineering, applying High-Tech methods and IT. Top export products: Seed drills, harvesting machines, fertilising gear, wood engineering and weather stations.

Making up one of the most important sectors of Austria´s economic system, agricultural and forest engineering has a considerable impact on a multitude of other industrial sectors such as the food industry, the building and construction sector, as well as the trade and service resp. tourism sector.

Unlike all the other branches of the industry, the agricultural sector seems to be most affected by an intrinsic structural change considering that the number of companies operating in agricultural and forest engineering has been on the decline all across Europe since the 1950ies. However, despite the downward trend in the employment figures of the agriculture and forestry industry in Austria, it is and will remain an important and export-oriented sector that strengthens and promotes the entire foreign trade.

This conclusion is supported by the outcome of a recent analysis of the foreign trade which compared the values of the first quarters in 2010 with those in 2011 (cf. Statistik Austria). The entire agricultural export posts a profit of 20 per cent with significant growth in all segments. Germany can still maintain its position as the most important export partner in the European agricultural market, however, also the new EU states like Hungary, Slovenia, and Czechia get in on the act, since they are considered as strong future markets. Especially when it comes to the agricultural and forestry engineering sector (agricultural machinery, agricultural equipment and forestry engines) products made in Austria are highly demanded and rank among the global market leaders.

„Red-White-Red Quality“ and state-of-the-art technology as export hit 

The most important export products of the Austrian agricultural and forestry engineering include seeders, harvesters, and fertilizer spreaders, as well as barn-, silage-, and feeding equipment, supplies for timber transport and weather stations. In 2009 the number of exports in the segment of traction engines amounted to a whopping 9,741, which makes up the second largest result of the past 30 years (cf. Grüner Bericht 2010, Bundesanstalt für Agrarwirtschaft). Worthy of note is the export rate of 80 per cent in the agricultural machinery engineering and tractor segment, where France and Germany followed by Italy and Switzerland turn out to be the customer countries.

The great success in the export market stretches far beyond the borders of Europe, since Austrian quality products of the agricultural and forestry engineering become increasingly popular in Asia and the USA. Local manufacturers impress with latest innovations in agricultural engineering combined with high-tech and state-of-the-art information technology - that way it can be guaranteed for the ideal adaptation to the constant structural change in the international agricultural and forestry market.

Time and again the multitude of markets and their differing requirements present new challenges to the Austrian agricultural and forestry engineering which are, in turn, mastered with high competency by the Austrian manufacturers and hence prove their reputation as proficient partner in the field of agricultural and forestry engineering. Expertise, customer focus, and the traditional “red-white-red quality” are Austrian´s secrets of success for developing technologies that combine highest efficiency with outstanding performance. By the way, the popularity of agricultural engineering products made in Austria is not limited to merely the European market – the latest trends show a significant increase in the demand for Austrian quality in the global market for agricultural engineering products.

Editorial department: Mag. Sandra Hollersbacher